The Problem

The Problem is that if you’re about to graduate soon, or in a year or two, you’ll be just like the other 3,000,000 millennials graduating. You’ll be competing with each other, and with a huge number of those who went before you (and have decades of experience), for the same jobs.

If you want to find a meaningful job after graduation, one you actually love, you’ll need more than just good grades.

Millennials Compete For Jobs

The Solution

The Solution is being prepared. It’s clarifying your goals and strengths and making sure they match your core values, it’s creating a plan that includes branding yourself, getting the best (paid) internships in your field, having a killer resume, and getting referred by powerful people to the right people who can get you the best job or internship.

But most students can’t do this on their own.

Who Are You?

I’m Currently In College …

I’m in college and would like to find internships in my field.

I’m Nearing Graduation …

I’m nearing graduation, or have graduated, and want to find meaningful work.

Who Are We?
(And Why You Should Listen To Us)

Quite frankly, we’re the people who can help you get that killer internship or dream job.

We’re a team of specialized career coaches, life coaches and networkers who help college-age adults build relevant work experience, create a compelling resume, and get meaningful employment after graduation. Not ramen-lifestyle employment. Significant employment.

We know how to listen. We understand the career struggles, fears, and hopes you and your family have. Simply said, we are all about helping you land a real job, a real career, and we challenge, pose varying viewpoints, prep, coach, and arrange interviews with the right people for internships and post-graduation employment.

Dave Pearce, Founder & Networking Lead

Dawn Brunn, Head Coach

Your Team

Strengths Finder Testing

We help you find and define your strengths and the direction to go.

Vision Values Clarification

We help you discover your vision and make sure your direction matches your core values.

Talent Development

Everybody has something to offer an employer. We help you describe it and position it to get the word out.

Transition Coaching

Branding, resume design, networking, social media presence. Plus “Interview 101” (dress code, presentation skills, introductions, follow-up).

Recruiting & Networking

We work with placement offices, recruiters, networking contacts, HR departments, community leaders and senior executives. We get you to the right people for internships or full-time jobs.

Well-Being Essentials

In addition to career development, we also help with community, financial, physical and social well-being. To help you move from surviving to thriving.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s life plan … and guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
Jim Rohn

Dave Pearce, Founder & Networking Lead

Dave has been Head of Marketing, Head of Sales, President and CEO for a number of national corporations in the consumer packaged goods and financial services sectors, as well as Entrepreneur in Residence at a number of start-up ventures. He holds a BS degree from California State Chico, and a Masters Degree from Golden Gate University of San Francisco.

Dave has been called the “King of Networking” and has built life-long relationships with professionals in many companies, many sectors, and most functional areas (sales, marketing, operations, and finance in both for profit and not for profit companies).

His role in E2C is connecting you with decision makers for internships and full-time jobs.

Dawn Brunn, Head Coach

Dawn is a Certified Professional Coach, with a Masters of Education in Adult Education.

She is also a Certified Co-Active Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner, and published author on “Coaching Perspectives.”

Dawn’s focus is resume design and positioning, understanding your strengths, coaching for interviews, and helping you find meaningful employment.

She applies this expertise to co-creating your desired future while helping you identify and clear any limiting beliefs blocking success.

Other Team Members include Recruiters, Human Resources Consultants, Life Coaches and Career Coaches who will assist you in discovering your passions and strengths, defining your values, and helping you package and prepare youself to get the internship or full-time job you will love.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Deytr Francisco – after Coaching with e2CServices, accepted a Financial Analyst role at Carlson Companies

Andrew Hagberg – after Coaching with e2CServices, accepted a Financial Analyst role at Rocket Capital

Chris Dempsey – after coaching with e2CServices, accepted a role as a Legal Clerk at a prominent metropolitan law firm

Gerald Edwards – after coaching with e2CServices, accepted a role in the entertainment industy

Jane Kirby – after coaching with e2CServices, accepted a marketing role at Four51

Ryan Koester – after coaching with e2CServices, accepted a position as a Facilities Maintenance Supervisor

Jacqueline Bieter – after coaching with e2CServices, accepted a Financial Analyst position at Ameriprise Financial

Your Investment

Dave Pearce & Dawn Brunn

What is your future worth to you? Probably “priceless.” But our services don’t cost that much. We work on a month-to-month basis, starting with a 3-month engagement. We do not make you sign a contract. Much of your progress depends on you. But we promise you will have the best in the business using a proven system working hard for you.

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“Life Is Something That Happens While You Are Making Other Plans”
John Lennon